Arriving with a compassionate approach to creating an organized person.

Devoted to help simplify your life, surroundings and intimate events. Looking forward to making your space Snappy!

Meet Sarah

Hi there! I’m Sarah...

Indiana native, and long time local to the Indianapolis area. I have a passion for adventure, a love for all things dog and cat, and a strong desire to live a simple, fulfilling and amusing life. I very much enjoy homemaking and design, cooking, floral design, music, and spending time with my much adored person and our pets.

My recent work history is deeply rooted in the local business community. With over a decade catering to the needs of hundreds of business owners and their families, I came to realize just how complicated life has become for most. This is something I’ve become devoted to change, starting with myself. In early 2019 I sold my business, and decided to put my skills to use in creating a service of simplifying for others.  


I have an extensive history in business ownership including:
merchandising, retail, liquidations, online sales, consignment, customer relations, client retention, event planning and management, business networking, social/community volunteering, custom gifting as well as gift shopping, etc…  

I love putting these skills to use on a smaller scale. Working with individuals to create a space they are proud of, that is useful and attractive to the eye. I very much look forward to making your space or small event Snappy!



At Snappy Ginger we offer a wide-assortment of services to our customers. From organization to floral arrangements and event planning feel assured you are in great hands. 




1060 N Capitol Ave 

Suite C100 

Indianapolis, IN 46204 


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